Our Services

Our Services


Full Circle provides Independent Living Services (ILS) and Supported Living Services (SLS) to adults with developmental disabilities. We specialize in creating flexible and tailored service plans based around the needs and desires of each individual we serve. 

This Might Include:

  • Obtaining and maintaining housing
  • Household management
  • Personal care
  • Healthy living
  • Emergency response
  • Managing finances
  • Problem solving
  • Self-advocacy
  • Safety

Who We Serve


All of the individuals we support are diagnosed with one or more developmental disabilities including (but not limited to); cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and/or a variety of learning disabilities. Some of the individuals Full Circle supports also have physical disabilities, medical conditions, and/or behavior concerns that require specialized care. We provide support throughout all of Contra Costa County. 

Our Philosophy


  • Our Vision at Full Circle of Choices is to create a world where state institutions are no longer necessary because everyone with a developmental disability is living independently in their own homes and contributing to their communities. 
  • Our Mission is to Instruct, Support, Equip, and Empower every client so that they independently and freely live a lifestyle of their choice in their community.
  • Our Purpose for existing is to discover, draw out, and develop the “best me” inside every individual we serve.
  • Our Core Values include being Compassionate, a Visionary, and a Team Player!

Services Provided


Independent Living Services (ILS)

Independent Living Services (ILS) provides education, instruction, and training for those who choose to live on their own. ILS is designed to empower each client so that as they gain the skills needed to thrive independently. Our support often begins while an individual is transitioning out of a family home or group home. The focus of ILS is on personal growth and skill development. The individuals who are served in this program have needs that can be supported in up to 40 hours per month and are capable of becoming more independent over time.


Supported Living Services (SLS)

Supported Living Services (SLS) enables individuals who need significant support to live in their own homes. This type of service is individualized to the preferences of each person served, so tailoring service is an ongoing, adaptive process. This service assists and empowers individuals in making decisions to manage their own lives. The focus on SLS is on effective lifestyle management. The individuals who are served in this program have needs that are supported in more than 40 hours per month, which can include up to 24 hours per day of support, based on the needs of the individual.